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A Quick Look at Contested Divorce

There are varied reasons why people file for a divorce. Before you take advantage of a divorce lawyer and seek their help to represent you, you have to know your options. The local court offers you an array of case options if you plan to file for a divorce petition. In this article, you will read more about filing for a contested divorce and what you can expect from it. Here is a quick look at contested divorce so you can decide if this option fits your current situation.

This is how a contested divorce works. When a couple decides to divorce, they will try to civilly find a settlement agreement; however, one of them may file for a petition to their local court if they can’t agree with their settlement. After filing this petition to the court, the other spouse will be served with divorce papers. The other party will then be given an ample amount of time to respond to what their spouse has filed. Another stage of resolution is necessary if the other party does not agree with the demands found on the document stated by their spouse. With the absence of proper resolution, the court will ask both parties to show up and finally defend themselves. This is what contested divorces are all about. This type of divorce brings about a lot of stress on both parties and takes a significant toll on their money and time. To get the best results when going to the court, both parties need to hire experienced divorce lawyers.

There are advantages to filing for a contested divorce in comparison to filing for other types of divorce petitions. For starters, the local court will make sure to keep close tabs on the entire proceeding. Also, the court ensures to come up with suitable and just decisions that will benefit both parties. In essence, you can rest assured that what you get from the divorce settlement is truly what you deserve.

If you and your spouse have joint bank accounts, substantial assets, minor children, and other major issues surrounding your divorce, then you know that you both can take advantage of a contested divorce. By filing this kind of divorce, you can rest assured that a fair decision and division of properties and custody arrangement will be reached by the judge.

When you have specific demands for settlement, filing for a contested divorce also benefits you a lot. Other people who can benefit from filing this kind of divorce are those seeking sole custody of their children. For these concerns, you are more likely win your case when you take them to court.

Since filing for a contested divorce is going to take a lot of time and money on both your part and that of your spouse, you have to only choose this option if you truly cannot settle anything by yourselves. Going to court is your best option if you don’t want to keep on waiting for your wife or husband to come around.

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