Case study

Wondering about the difference between case analysis and case study?

If you are an ordinary person, there is absolutely no difference between the above two terms for you; if you are a Management student, you surely know the difference. In both the terms, you are presented with a scene, a scenario, a situation, a problem, an issue or one or more individuals. The major difference between both the terms is that in a case analysis, you are free to analyze the entire case in your own manner and in a case study, you have to stick to what you have been given.

Let us put both the terms in this way – in case analysis, you can ask for more food to be served on your plate, A Reserch Paper Speaks depending upon your hunger and your desire; in case study, you are supposed to fill yourself with the food that you have been served with.

When it comes to writing a case analysis, you are given a chance to put your thoughts; you have a freedom of words and are expected to give a true and genuine feedback to what you think about a particular situation or a person given in the case. On the other hand, when it comes to writing a case study, you are told to study the situation and then simply answer the asked questions.

No matter how easy it sounds, case study is as difficult as case analyzing. In both the situations, you are expected to write the content in your own words. This means that you need to present error-free answers without making even a single grammatical error; the more grammatical errors you have, the easier it is for the examiner or the project checker to deduct your marks and give you lesser grades. Thus, grammar is where you need to pay utmost attention to, when it comes to writing answers for the case study questions.

So how do you ensure that the case study project is correct and error-free?

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