Case Analysis/Review

When it comes to analyzing a particular case, you need to keep a lot of things in mind. First of all, you have to be extremely neutral while reading the case. Unless you understand each and every bit of the thing that you read, you are not able to give a proper judgment or are unable to analysis the entire case. There are certain key elements in the case that the reader must check for, if he wishes to give proper analysis for the same. In simple words, in order to present the most perfect and error-free case analysis, the writer first has to be a good reader.

Ever heard of the saying ‘read between the lines?’ When it comes to analyzing a particular case, you have to ensure that you read between the things that are mentioned.

Case analysis is done on academic level. No matter what kind of a subject you are opting for, you know that you are expected to analyze different situations and people mentioned in a particular case. You are presented with a whole scenario and are told to see through all those things, which are clearly mentioned and also those, which are hidden in the visible text.

When it comes to writing a review of a particular situation, you have to remember two things –

  1. You are not allowed to share your views for the texts, which are clearly mentioned in the scenario
  2. You are allowed to share your views and feelings for those hidden things, which have not been mentioned in the scenario

Just when you go through each and every paragraph of the scenario presented to you, you realize that a lot of things are mentioned right in front of you. When the questions are asked, you can easily answer them on the basis of how everything is mentioned in the case.

On the other hand, there are other questions are well, which are asked to know about your views and feelings related to the situation or scenario given to you in the case. When such questions are asked, you are free to share what you think about the scene. If there is something that you like, you can admire it and if there is something that you dislike, you are free to defend your thoughts.

However, you must ensure that you put your thoughts in such a way that they do not trouble the visible case portrayed to you. In simple words, despite the freedom of thoughts, you are not allowed to change the situation given in the case, unless you are told to.

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