Writing Effective Thesis for an Essay

Great Ideas for Writing Effective Thesis for an Essay

One of the major parts of writing an essay is to create a thesis statement. Most students often have confusions as how to craft the perfect thesis, given that essay subjects are often too complicated. In this post, we will try to understand more about thesis and how to write the same with utmost conviction.

What's the thesis statement?

Every essay should have one singular message, argument or a view point, which should be easily identifiable to the readers. Just a lawyer tries to impress a jury with his arguments at the court, you need to create an argument or statement for the essay, which should be clearly understandable and must persuade the readers. Every essay starts with an introduction, and it should contain a small peek into the thesis, which is precisely the reason why students often write the intro later. Thesis often evolves with the writing as the writer comes across more ideas and concepts.

Placement of the thesis

This is a very essential consideration, because you don’t want the thesis to get buried in between all the arguments and content paragraphs. Typically, the best idea is to give a quick idea of the thesis in the intro, after which the thesis should feature in the following paragraph. In longer essays, the thesis can also feature in second paragraph, but the placement should be clear and must offer a unique direction to the reader.

Answers and points of a thesis

A thesis will tell the reader about the concept, significance and context of the subject matter, from the point of view of the writer. Also, the thesis serves as the initial point of the further contents of the paper, offering a reader a quick idea of what to expect ahead. Here are small tips that may come handy-

  • Your thesis should be free from fluff and vague words. It should clearly and distinctly define the answer that the essay demands. Keeping the thesis small, concise and relevant is essential to create interest among readers.
  • The thesis should make a space for argument. There is no point of a thesis, if it is generic and doesn’t offer any kind of scope for further argument. Basically, you create a ground for your statement and opinion with the thesis, and the rest of the paper will try to validate the same. Avoid standard statements, because if everyone agrees with your thesis, it serves no purpose.
  • A thesis shouldn’t be a question, but more of an opinion, but avoid words like ‘I think’ or ‘In my opinion’. It should offer a clear view of a statement, sans any kind of incoherent language.

Write it down

No matter whether it is evidence, proof, quote, study or even a general line that can help in the thesis, it is wise to write things in paper. This will help a great deal in keeping all the basic materials handy for creating meaningful and needy sentences.

Don’t forget to check for a few sample essays before you start!