Starting to Write an Academic Essay

Excellent essay writing is a skill acquired instead of learnt. Approaches tend to vary by person and depend upon the writer’s essay writing experience. Are you already comfortable writing essays? If so, you surely have a feel for what really works for you. But if you are new to essay writing, you need to follow some pieces of advice to come up with an academic essay that makes sense.

Understand the Question Asked For

It is important to go through the question again and again until you grasp what you are required for when answering the question. In case you do not understand a particular word, check the meaning online or in your dictionary. If you are stuck, get the help of your instructor.

Examine the Essay Topic

If there is an assigned topic that has a particular text, this step is easier to do. If you are to write an open ended essay, pick a topic for which you can find many legitimate and reliable to do research.

Prepare to Write

  • Research. You can use the internet to do this or visit a library. Look for relevant information which will bolster your essay’s content. Consider writing any information you find on a big index cards to have everything you need organized.
  • Write an outline. This must be an organized list of points that you want to emphasize in your essay. Organizing your thoughts beforehand will make it easier and quicker for you to write your essay as you already know the direction to follow. Failing to write an outline will have you spending too much time in pulling out information you already found. Utilize index cards and look for similar information. In the same paragraph, pair together this information. Don’t include them on your outline. Your index cards must be numbered so you can easily look at information as you start writing the essay.

Write the Essay

  • Write the thesis. In an academic essay, the thesis is often written at the last part of the introduction. This is the statement you wish to prove in your essay. For instance, you can make use of a particular literary character action as a ground that he is crazy and then expand upon this.
  • Write the first draft. You should not consider this as your final product. Write whatever comes to your mind after your outline. Use the right punctuations, capitalize the proper nouns and beginning letters and follow your outline.
  • Start dividing your thoughts into paragraphs. Your outline’s points need to be its own paragraph. It is important for a paragraph to have a minimum of three sentences so it can stand on its own.
  • Follow the Claim-Evidence Pattern.  Make sure you follow this pattern with impact. Your claim is a statement supported by evidence like a quotation or reference in the context. An impact is a smart review of the why or how such claim is necessary in the essay’s context. It becomes the following paragraphs’ claim.