Planning an Essay

Planning an Essay

Essay writing is not as easy as it may seem. It has also been observed that not every essay is engaging and interesting. The essay, which has not been written after doing proper research and planning, is not capable of grabbing the attention of readers. If you want that your essay should impress the readers and give out the valuable information, you must plan it properly. Planning an essay is important because it will enable you to work in a logical manner. You will be able to stick to your point while writing an essay.  Some of the key areas of planning an essay are elaborated below:

Choosing the matter/topic

First, you will do research about which topic you should write. Before deciding, you have to ensure that you are truly familiar with the matter and its facts. The information which you are trying to give to your readers should be based on real time scenarios, calculations and opinions. It is not a good idea to write on a hypothetical situation. It will not only lose the interest of the readers but you will also misguiding them. You might leave bad impression on people if you choose the wrong topic. It is a good idea to write about topic on which you have in-depth knowledge and experience.

Collect the information, facts and figures

After you have chosen the right kind of topics, it is a good idea to collect as much information as you can. These days, the internet is one of the most trusted sources of information. You can even collect the data which is decade's old. It is also possible to get facts & figures, tables and diagrams about the matter which you are going to write. This way, your essay will have more value about the topic. You can also get in touch with your professor who can guide you about collecting information about your topic.

What to add and delete

It is the most crucial part of your essay writing. You must decide which part of the content should be added to the content as to make it more valuable. The readers should be able to get guidance and information from the essay and topic on which you will write. Whatever you will add to the topic, will help the readers. Likewise, you will have to see what part of the information is not useful for the readers. By making the right decision about what you want to add or delete from the content, you can make it more useful and interesting for your readers.

Planning to add diagrams/ visuals or text

It is a well known fact that adding diagrams and visuals have more impact on the readers. They will be able to understand what you are trying to say in a better manner if you have explained your point using diagrams and visuals. However, if your matter does not support them, you can still make it more impressive. By adding bulleted points, tips, snippets and other text-based formats. This way, you will be able to make your essay more interesting and valuable for the readers.


Many writers don’t bother about giving out references in their essays. It is one of the best ways to win the trust of your readers. They can refer to the materials easily and verify the information if they have any doubt about your topic or matter. It is always a good way to plan your essay writing and gather the information about the references which you can give in your essay.

Essay writing requires a lot of time and efforts. With proper planning, you will be able to structure your essay in an impressive manner and offer valuable content to your readers. If you are planning to write an essay, you must follow above mentioned key points, you can easily make your readers go through the content till the end.