How write introduction for essay

How to Write Great Introduction for an Essay

Introduction works like a gateway to information and further interpretation for any reading material, and when it comes to an essay, the importance is even superior. Just like one would consult a map before driving on a new route, introduction offers a sneak peek into the landscape of the essay. Typically, most writers and students have their confusion with this, simply because they don’t know how and where to start. In this special post, we will try to offer a better idea of what an introduction demands.

Start with the concept

The rationale behind an introduction is to offer a smaller preview of the entire essay, and for that, the writer must briefly explain the contents in a more generic format. Understanding the concept and having a clear idea of the contents of the essay will help in creating an impactful intro. The initial process should start with the arguments and facts and how these aspects can impact the reader. There are basically four things, which an introduction should cover.

  • What is the purpose of the essay?
  • Why should a reader consider reading the material?
  • Why the context of the essay is important?
  • How you will you take an approach to that context?

Instead of creating these points at the time of writing, a better idea is to make some short notes, which will help in framing the answers.

Writing the first line

The first line of the essay should create interest, and that’s the reason why most expert essay writers don’t really rely on a generic sentence. Instead, a punch line, anecdote, quote or even a fun fact is included to get the reader glued to the material. Basically, there are three kinds of essays – Literary essays, research essays and personal essays- and the approach for the first line should be in contest with the same.

Creating context

Every essay has a specific context, which should be addressed in the introduction. Try to give the initial argument some texture with solutions and scattered facts, so that the reader finds more perspective. Of course, the thesis remains the main aspect of the essay. Thesis basically is the point of view you are sharing in the essay, and the introduction should give a few hints at the same. It is essential to keep things simple, concise and short, while also ensuring a smooth transition to the further paragraphs or the main content.

Keep time for the introduction

If you are starting with the introduction of the essay first, do come back at it later. Keep in mind that thesis of an essay often changes and evolves as the writing continues, so what may seem like a meaningful introduction initially may look irrelevant later.

Finally, the purpose of an essay introduction is to create a hook to keep the readers invested. It might take some time to get the first draft right, but if you are in context and know the thesis well, the conceptualization part should be easy!