How to review your essay

Smart Ideas to Review and Proofread Your Essay

For most students, writing an essay is a dreaded task. There are numerous aspects to be covered, and writing itself may seem like a big assignment. Once you have taken charge and have completed your essay, it may feel like a job well done, but that’s not where it ends. An effective and well-written essay is not just about great writing, but it is also about presentation, accumulation of facts and creating an impact. This is the precise reason why proofreading and reviewing an essay is so important. Read on to find a few simple ideas to review your essay perfectly.

Start with proofreading

The first draft of your essay will have a few misses and grammatical errors, but there’s nothing to freak out. After completing your essay, take a break before coming back to the material for proofreading. Try to focus on re-reading from the perspective of the reader, so that you can find the errors and mistakes better. There are some great online proofreading services that you can check, especially when you are unsure of the grammar. Apart from the common things like grammatical issues, missing words and sentence construction, you should also look for vocabulary to ensure that the words have been used in the right context.

Eye for instructions

Sometimes many professors and teachers give instructions to students for their essays, and it is necessary to check if you have adhered to all the different requirements. If you were expected to follow a certain kind of format, make sure that you are in sync with the same. You can double check on the internet to find the right elements and segments and whether they have been integrated in your essay.

Focus on structure

The structure and presentation is essential for a genuine essay. Check the paragraphs for order, because every single one should smoothly transition to the other in the right context. Typically, students write the intro after completing the essay, but if you had started off with the introduction first, it is best to review the same. The context of the essay may evolve with more information and perspective, which calls for creating a smooth flow of words and ideas.

Check for purpose

Every essay has a purpose, and that’s precisely why you are assigned to present your views and research. If you essay is generic at every level and doesn’t present a view for something with an argument, the purpose is never solved. Take your time to understand if the essay required a counterargument perspective, and whether you have proved your point with evidence, facts and available resources.

Finally, don’t miss on seeking comments from your friends and family. Sometimes, a piece of writing can evoke different thoughts in every other person, and knowing their perspective and comments can help in creating more coherence and consistency. The best idea is to keep at least a week for the entire structure revision, after you have taken a few honest suggestions from people around you.