How to Treat Essay Writing Like an Opportunity

How to Treat Essay Writing Like an Opportunity?

Strangely, most students have an issue with essay writing, with many dreading projects for the longest time. To be precise, essay writing is an art and science at the same time, where you need to present your opinions, statements and overall overview on a given topic. The main reason why many students fear essays is the lack of enthusiasm and the right approach. In this post, we will talk of simple mind games that can help you to enjoy the process of writing.

Think of the essay as an argument

There are varied kinds of essays, but usually, most students deal with persuasive essays. An effective essay is the balance between facts and writing. Not everyone is a good writer, and it may take some time to find a liking for the same. However, your first approach towards a topic should be about finding logic. Spend a couple of days trying to understand what you actually feel about the subject. Just like the way a lawyer tries to reason with a jury, you should be able to engage yourself with the reader, and for that, personal opinions matter the most.

Start noting down

Essays will always be a pain, especially when you try to complete everything in the first draft, which is a pretty boring process. Once you get your topic, spend some time to jot down the relevant points. Keeping a small notebook for the initial draft will help you in framing your arguments better. Usually, students have enough time to balance their work, but starting early is a good idea to avoid last minute rush.

Research can be fun

It sounds boring to spend hours at libraries, but research can be fun, as long as you know the right ways. Start with some online research, which is easy and can hook you. Every essay needs viewpoints, arguments, quotes, facts, numbers and much more, and you can find a lot of information online.  Start making notes, so that you can refer to them later. The tone and style of writing an essay can change and evolve as you keep gathering information and use them for your case views. As you find more aspects to a topic, you will find reasons and ways to add more dimensions to the writing. 

Create a story and go slow

Essays are nothing but stories written in a specific format. You would need to spend some time in understanding the outline and overall elements, but there is plenty of information on Google on almost everything – right from writing the perfect introduction to creating thesis and much more. If you have written the first draft, don’t go for a check right away. Spend two more days in other things and come back to take a second shot at the essay. You may find a change in your perception or even may have better points to present.

Finally, don’t forget to read more essays before you write you own. Sometimes, essays of other students are so inspiring that you would be more interested in doing better.