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Tips on Cleaning Cast Iron

Cleaning cast iron is not like cleaning any other utensil at home as it involves a lot of dos and don’ts.Taking time to learn the steps to follow while cleaning cast iron is essential in ensuring that you are cleaning the cast iron in the right way.The steps are quite easy to learn and follow and discussed below this article in detail are tips on cleaning cast iron the correct way.

Selecting the right materials and tools to use to clean your cast iron is the number one step to consider before starting cleaning the cast iron. It is imperative to mention that cast iron has materials and equipment for cleaning categorically designed for them. Additionally, It is vital to think about the detergent and amount and amount of detergent to use in the process of cleaning the cast iron.

The appropriate time to clean the cast iron is of the essence to know whether it is immediately or after a short while after using the cast iron.The most recommended time to clean the cast iron is immediately after use while the cast iron is still hot. The purpose of making sure that you clean the cast iron right after using it is to eliminate any chance of the cast iron rusting due to contact with water which accelerates rusting on metals. Hot water is mostly preferred while cleaning cast iron as well as scrubbing the cast iron using bare hands to avoid removing the seasoning of the cast iron. Also, oils on the surface of the cast iron are eliminated by using hot water thus hot water is paramount in cleaning cast iron.

After successfully cleaning the cast iron with hot water, the next thing to do is to rinse off the cast iron and use a dry cloth or dry it at low heat. After drying off the cast iron the next guide is applying a considerable amount of oil on the surfaces of the cast iron then storing it in a clean and dry place.The other key elements to be intentional about is regularly using the cast iron for the correct purpose it was meant to do.There are times that you find that you have used the wrong material and equipment while cleaning the cast iron hence don’t know what to do. This is because there is an alternative for that as you can re-season your cast iron and it will be as good as you want it to be.

Lastly, together with the above how to clean cast iron, it is crucial to think about the nature, brand, and design of the cast iron that you decide to buy for effective and efficient cleaning.

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